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Another Happy Customer! :-)

Just a quick note to say a big thank you to your Operations Manager, Tracy Kenny, who this afternoon has managed to bag me the job of my dreams!  She worked really hard to find me, when I had been mistreated by the last employer I worked for she gave me hope and confidence to return to the employment market!  She helped me to find a really good employer to work for and I will be starting with that company on Monday 19th February 2018.  When you are down, even if you are good at what you do, when you have been “dragged through the mud a little” by the company you have worked for, it is easy to forget what value you are and what an asset you can be to a suitable company, Tracy reminded me of this and I am really grateful!  She has helped me turn a negative situation into a positive one within 21 days!  I hope we shall remain business friends! Kind regards, K